“Notes,” a Scala + JavaFX demo application

I wrote a little “Notes” application using Scala and JavaFX to go along with my “Hello, Scala” tutorial. If you’d like to see how it works, here’s a two-minute video:

The source code for the project is at this Github URL:

I won’t describe the application here because a) the video is the best way to show how it works, and b) I include a lengthy README file with the source code.

The build process

The build process works on MacOS. It only relies on sbt assembly and javapackager, so I hope it can be easily adapted to work on Windows. In the project’s README file I also discuss how to run the application on Linux.

Take a look at it!

If you’re new to Scala and interested in a relatively small but complete application you can experiment with, I hope this project is helpful to your Scala learning experience.

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