In regards to “Workplace Compliance Services” letters/forms

In November, 2018, I received a letter from an entity named Workplace Compliance Services, and the letter was in regards to filing a Colorado “Periodic Report” form. I initially thought the letter was from a government agency, but after research that ended up spanning many days, I learned that Workplace Compliance Services is a private business entity — not a government agency. After that, in an effort to save other people from having to spend the same time and energy to perform that research, I wrote about what I learned on the previous version of this web page.

Rapid Mac HTML form prototyping

Earlier this week I needed to create some HTML prototypes for a client, and when I looked around for simple Mac OS X HTML form prototyping tools, I was disappointed to see, well, nothing.

Five to ten years ago I used to sit down with clients and create HTML form prototypes using Microsoft FrontPage, and since their 2000 version, it was actually very good. It created very clean code, kept your changes in tact, and was as simple as could be to create HTML forms.