Photo of quantum entanglement alvin July 14, 2019 - 6:46pm

A team of researchers have created this photograph showing the entanglement of photons. Business Insider has a nice little story about their work.

Hubble telescope uncovers black hole that shouldn’t exist

From NASA.gov: As if black holes weren't mysterious enough, astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have found an unexpected thin disk of material furiously whirling around a supermassive black hole at the heart of the magnificent spiral galaxy NGC 3147, located 130 million light-years away.

The conundrum is that the disk shouldn't be there, based on current astronomical theories. However, the unexpected presence of a disk so close to a black hole offers a unique opportunity to test Albert Einstein's theories of relativity.

Can snakes see?

I’ve seen five rattlesnakes since I moved to Colorado, four dead and one that was quite upset with me. As I was walking yesterday I wondered, can snakes see? Here’s an answer from animals.howstuffworks.com.

LiveScience.com adds this information: “With the exception of a few species that have adapted to daytime hunting, most snakes do not see well. Generally they can see shapes but not details. Snakes called pit vipers can see well at night by an amazing trick. Their pits (one on each side of the head) sense heat (infrared light) like night vision goggles. These pits, not eyes, actually are thought to render images of prey in the snakes’ brains.”

Type Safety definition

I saw this definition of type safety yesterday in a book named Programming TypeScript and I thought it was very simple and good:

Type Safety: Using types to prevent programs from doing invalid things.

Good TypeScript links

I just started working with TypeScript, and here are some good links:


And an unrelated link on React:

Performance is important to acquiring and retaining customers.

I used to use wunderground.com all the time. Then, over time, I noticed that it kept getting slower and slower. Out of frustration I looked around for other good weather websites. Today I use accuweather.com.

On the web and with apps, performance — or lack of performance — is important to acquiring and retaining customers.