Nagios web application screenshots

Sorry folks, I hoped to be able to release the source code I created for a Nagios Web Interface, but after starting on it a few hours ago, I'm giving up on this project. The code works just fine, as you can see from the screenshots below.

The problem is the amount of work it will take to make this code "clean" for public release. It currently has my client name all over it, and removing all those references is just going to take too long. (Unless of course an angel investor wants to contribute a few week's pay into my PayPal account.)

Nagios web interface, coming soon

I'm not sure how much call there is for a simplified Nagios web interface (user interface), but I wrote one last year, and I'll be releasing it here soon, after many comments on my Nagios MySQL database design article, along with many, many personal emails.

JSF error - Why your JSF error message might not be displayed

Using JavaServer Faces (JSF), if you can't see the error message (FacesError) you're creating in your controller/handler when you forward to a new JSP (JavaServer Page), the problem may be that you have a "redirect" tag in your faces-config.xml file.

For example, the following JSF faces-config.xml example shows the problem, where I do have a redirect tag when I bounce control back to the login.jsp page: