A JavaMail POP reader example (pop3 reader)

While working on a Java application, I found the need for a simple Java mailbox reader. I wanted to be able to scan through one of my POP/POP3 mailboxes for messages, and then do something with those messages.

To that end I created the following example JavaMail POP mailbox reader. It connects to a standard POP/POP3 mailbox, then scans through all the messages in the "Inbox" folder.

Mac, RSS news, and E-Mail: Mail an RSS news feed from your Mac

A Mac, RSS, and Email tip: How to create a Mac app (free) to mail an RSS news feed to yourself (or anyone else) from your Mac.

As I keep digging deeper and deeper into the Mac Automator application, I've found a way to do something I've been thinking about for a while: Mail RSS news feeds to myself. Sometimes during the day I get very busy and forget to even look at the news, so I thought it would be nice if I mailed myself one or more RSS news feeds.

iPhone 3G iOS 4 performance issues

Immediately after I installed iOS4 on my iPhone 3G I reported that it seemed surprisingly fast. However, within two days, whatever pleasant surprise I felt about my iPhone 3G iOS performance came crashing down, and I do mean crashing.

The iPhone iBooks application, for example, crashes, a lot. Try to open a PDF in iBooks? Crash. Try to read a book? Crash. Time to wait for iBooks to open after you've downloaded 10 eBooks? I have no idea, I'm not that patient.

The Facebook app on my iPhone 3G w/ iOS 4? It crashes at least once out of every five startups.

A PHP script to send email with an attachment

PHP email FAQ: How do I send email from a PHP script? (Including sending email with an attachment.)

Continuing with my initiation into the PHP programming world, I just finished developing a PHP script to send a mail message with an arbitrary attachment. (I write 'arbitrary' there because a lot of the example PHP mail scripts I've seen focus on attaching an image, and I'm not really familiar with MIME types yet, and "image/jpg" wasn't working for my needs.)

A Linux mail command tip

If you're ever working on a Unix or Linux system, and need to email a file to someone else, it may be helpful to know that you can send your email message right from the Unix command line. You don't need to hop into mutt or any other Unix or Linux mail client to email the file.

A Linux crontab mail command example alvin October 28, 2009 - 1:20pm

Linux crontab mail FAQ: Can you share an example of a Linux crontab entry you use to send email on a regular basis?

Here's the source code for a really simple Linux mail script that I used to send an email message to one of my co-workers every month. This script used the Unix or Linux mail command to email a file to her that showed a list of all the websites on our server that she needed to bill our customers for.

Here's the source code for the email shell script: