iPhone email tip - How to email web pages and photos on the iPhone

It's pretty easy to email a web page to a friend using Apple's iPhone. When you're looking at a web page using Safari on the iPhone just press the "+" icon on the menubar at the bottom of the screen. This brings up a menu with several items on it; just press the "Mail Link to this Page" button. This takes you over to the Mail application, automatically filling in the Subject field with the title from the web page, and adding the link to the content area. Just fill in your contact and it's ready to go.

You can also email photos to friends using the same approach. If you're looking at a picture in the Photo application, press the icon on the far left of the bottom menu bar. (If the menu bar isn't showing just press your picture and it will pop up.) The icon to press is the one with a curved arrow coming out of a rectangle. Just press that icon, then select the "Email Photo" button on the popup menu. Again you're taken to the Mail application, with your picture pre-populated in the content area.




Your title is misleading. You do not tell how to email a web page. You tell how to email a link to a page. I want to know how to email the actual page. So I can open that page locally.

The only way I can think of to do something like that is to perform a copy and paste operation, i.e., copying the web page content in Safari, and pasting it into an email message. Or, there may be an app for that, but I haven't looked.

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