The karma of a pessimist

“You will not be punished for your anger.
You will be punished by your anger.”


As you can tell from this book, when I was young, I was a pessimistic person, but as I grew older, I worked hard to change my attitude into a positive, can-do person. If you think you can’t change your attitude, I’m living proof that you can.

What an employer looks for in an employee

“There is no ‘try’”


As a small business owner, I classify employees in three categories:

  1. If employees have basic good qualities, I’d try to keep them through good times and bad.
  2. If they were “problem” employees I got rid of them very quickly.
  3. If employees had exceptional performance, they got the big raises, and I considered them as potential business partners.

Here’s a quick look at those three categories.

Section 5: Your Consulting Career

At this point the pure “consulting” portion of this book has ended. As a bonus section to this book, I’ve included a collection of short stories that are related to your “career” in general.

Because I worked at least ten different jobs before graduating college, then started my career as an aerospace engineer, then switched to being a Unix Administrator, then a Programmer, and then a Programming Consultant, I’ve had the opportunity to see hundreds of work situations, and I’ve thought a lot about what I wanted in my career.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

I just got back into town today after going home to celebrate a relative's 75th birthday. The party was nice, but truthfully, I just wanted to get out of town again for a few days. Since the divorce, I've been thinking more and more about what is keeping me in this town — my wife's hometown — and I finally came to the decision that nothing is.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

After the meeting with Jack yesterday I have to decide where to go from here with him. I've reviewed the Operating Agreement we set up all those years ago, and I'm pretty screwed there. There's no way for me to force him out of the company. I suppose I can try to make his life miserable, but that seems to be the only real action, and with his wife playing an increasingly important role at the company, that's probably not a good idea.