How to fire MacOS notifications with AppleScript and Scala

Table of Contents1 - A “Hello, world” MacOS AppleScript notification2 - AppleScript: Mac notification with a sound3 - How to add a title and subtitle to your notification4 - Running from Scala (or Java)5 - See also6 - Summary

Summary: This tutorial demonstrates how to fire MacOS system notifications with AppleScript and Scala (or Java).

In this article it helps if you already know a little bit about AppleScript, though that’s not completely necessary. Near the end of the tutorial I show how to invoke the AppleScript code using Scala, so feel free to skip down to there if you just want to see that — you can always read the stuff at the top for reference later.

How to hide annoying MacOS update notifications

Table of Contents1 - Getting rid of (some) unwanted MacOS update notifications2 - About those other update notifications ...3 - MacOS App Store preferences4 - Summary

It drives me crazy when I log into my MacOS Yosemite and Sierra systems and I’m quickly hit with an Apple “You have updates” notification. It’s like I just want to get to work, and I’m reminded of updates I don’t care about.

I just learned that you can hide some updates from annoying you, but I haven’t found a way to get rid of other updates.

Just Be, a mindfulness reminder application

Today I’m proud announce that I’ve written an Android application named “Just Be”:

Just Be is a simple but useful “mindfulness reminders” app that helps bring you back to the present moment.

To use Just Be, all you have to do is a) configure the reminders that you want to see, b) optionally add your favorite background images, and c) set a notification schedule, and Just Be will send you notifications (mindfulness reminders) on that schedule.

I’d write more about it here, but I’ve already written about it at, so please see that website for more information, including a short video.

Android: How to attach an extra to an Intent/PendingIntent in a Notification (solution)

I’m working on a very small Android “notifications” app where I a) display a notification using a background service, b) the user taps the notification, which c) takes them to a view that shows the full text of the notification. To get this to work, I need to send the full text along with the notification. However, this didn’t work easily. The text that was shown by my full view would be updated once, then never again.

After a lot of googling and trial and error, I finally got this approach in my sendNotification method working:

Growl, a system notification program for Mac OS X

Mac OS X Question: Is there a notification program for Mac OS X, like the notification balloons that appear on the task bar in Windows?

As of Mac OS X 10.5.7 there is nothing built into Mac OS X to provide this functionality, but there is a great, free application named Growl which provides similar functionality.

There are several cool things about Growl. First, it works with a number of Mac applications, including but not limited to Firefox, Easy Batch Photo, Komodo Edit, and NetNewsWire.