Acceptable thinking: A monk recalling previous lives

“Even when I was just three years old, I could recall many previous lives. But to many people this sort of thinking isn’t acceptable, so now when I’m asked what I can remember, I just say, ‘I remember when I was three years old.’”

~ a monk

How to control iTunes from the keyboard on Mac OS X

iTunes Question: Is there a way to control iTunes from the keyboard when using Mac OS X?

Answer: Yes, there is a nice (and free) little program named Sizzling Keys that lets you control iTunes even when iTunes is minimized, hidden, or being displayed in another Space in the Mac OS X operating system. Just download and install Sizzling Keys, and select the key combinations you want to use to control iTunes.

Common vi/vim navigation commands

Here's a quick list of the most common vi and vim editor navigation commands I use every day.

Moving on the current line

Here are the most common navigation commands for moving around the current line:

CVS revert - How do I go back to a previous version of a file?

CVS FAQ - How do I go back to a previous version of a file?

Solution: What revision would you like to revert to?

Let's see ... I just messed up revision 1.25, so I would like to go back to version 1.24.

And what is the name of the file?

Move to the directory where your file is located, then run this command: