Java screen size: How to determine the screen/display size

Java screen size FAQ - "How do I determine the size of the screen (or display) in pixels? (i.e., the screen size, or screen resolution)

The following Java code demonstrates how to get the screen size, using the Java Toolkit class:

Rumors of an Apple "media pad" device

I can dig the rumors about Apple developing a new "media pad" device. (Some rumor-mongering here and here.) I had one of the early-model Windows-based Toshiba tablets that had a small display (maybe 10-12"), and the "display" part of it spun on an axis.

How to move iPhone application (app) icons around

iPhone apps FAQ: How do I move iPhone apps or app icons? (Related: How do I move iPod or iPad app icons?)

I'm a relatively new owner of an Apple iPhone 3G, and last night, quite by accident, I learned how to move iPhone apps (applications) from one place to another on the iPhone screen. The technique to move an iPhone app is a bit of fun; here's how you do it.