JMH, an SBT plugin for running OpenJDK JMH benchmarks

JMH is an SBT plugin for running OpenJDK JMH benchmarks. Per its docs, “JMH is a Java harness for building, running, and analysing nano/micro/milli/macro benchmarks written in Java and other languages targeting the JVM.”

They also recommend reading an article titled Nanotrusting the Nanotime if you’re interested in writing your own benchmark tests.

Drupal APC performance improvements

Summary: A look at the performance improvements gained on a Drupal 6 website by using the PHP APC Opcode Cache.

Wow, I just installed the PHP APC Opcode Cache module on, and the results are really incredible. By any metric the website is performing much, much faster.

I ran two benchmarks on the website using the Apache 'ab' benchmarking tool, one without the APC opcode cache, and one with it.

Java performance tuning: putting timers in code to benchmark performance

With a programming language/environment such as Java the performance of our Java code may be a concern. I often use an old-fashioned "quick-and-dirty" way to measure the performance of Java code, and I'll share that method in this brief article.

An old-fashioned manual method

I must confess, the method I use is as old-fashioned as they come. Generally it requires three steps:

Java benchmark performance - A Stopwatch class for timings, benchmarks, and performance tuning

I think I found the Java Stopwatch class (shown below) in a book named Java Platform Performance. You can use the class for general performance timings, or make it part of an overall benchmarking system.

I take no credit for this Java code -- I didn't write it, and at the moment I can't find that book -- but I found it on my laptop, and wanted to make sure I have a copy of it laying around for when I need it.