“You watchin’ this?”

A very large, muscular guy walks into the fitness center. He looks at the big-screen television, which is currently playing a commercial, and then looks at me. “You watchin’ this?,” he asks forcefully.

As he turned to look at me, the show I was watching came back on. I catch my breath, point at the tv, and say, “The Princess Bride.”

He turns and looks back at the tv for a few moments. “Cool,” he says, and begins to lift some weights.

Local radio and tv on my computer?

This morning I started wondering why off-the-shelf computers (Mac or Windows) don't include the hardware and software necessary to receive local AM and FM radio, as well as local television signals? I don't know the technicals hurdles behind this -- and that might be the problem -- but it seems like in our media-saturated age these would be standard computer features. (Hmm, after a little research it looks like this can be done, it just isn't.)