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How to make Mac backups with burn folders

Mac backups and burn folders FAQ: How do I make Mac backups (CD/DVD backups) with Mac burn folders?

Wow, I've become a big fan of Mac OS X burn folders lately. Once I realized how much they simplify the process of making Mac backups I've been completely sold on them. Mac burn folders make the Mac backup process so easy I actually take the time to make them on a regular basis.

How to make Mac backups with burn folders (Part 4)

Mac CD/DVD backups - After the burn

When I came back from lunch I was very surprised that there was no "Success" dialog to show me that the Mac burn folder/backup process succeeded. However, I was returned to my original Mac burn folder, and there is a new disk icon named "My Data Files" on my desktop, as shown here:

How to make Mac backups with burn folders (Part 3)

Mac backups - Burning to CD or DVD

Now that I've told my Mac burn folder what files and folders I won't to burn to disk, the next step is to tell the burn folder to burn this data to my DVD. To do this I just click the Burn button on the Mac burn folder, and then my Mac prompts me to insert a disk, as shown in this figure:

Mac CD/DVD backup - how to use a Mac burn folder to make a Mac OS X backup

I just updated my tutorial titled Mac CD/DVD backup using Mac OS X Burn Folders. I've found the Mac burn folder approach so effective I actually make Mac CD and DVD backups on a regular basis these days. :)

On a related note, as opposed to burning Mac backups to CD or DVD, I've also been researching Mac online backup services, and I'm documenting those findings in these Mac backup articles:

Can't delete a Mac burn folder - problem solved

Mac problem: Can't delete a Mac burn folder. (Problem solved.)

I just had a problem on Mac OS X where I couldn't delete a Mac burn folder. Something happened during the process of trying to burn a DVD ... frankly I can't remember what the problem was. (I had one problem with a DVD during the verification process, so that may have been it.)

Mac DVD burn example - How to burn a DVD on Mac OS X

Mac DVD burn FAQ: How do I burn a CD or DVD on a Mac? (iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro, etc.)

It's funny, I've had a MacBook Pro for well over a year now, but haven't burned a CD or DVD until today. I actually didn't know how to do it, so I just inserted a blank DVD-R into the drive and then figured out what to do. Here's a quick summary of the "Mac CD/DVD burn" steps I followed.