The Chrome JavaScript debug console and [Object object]

As I’ve gotten back into client-side web development -- specifically using Sencha Touch 2, a JavaScript framework -- I’ve quickly run into a problem in the Chrome JavaScript debug console. When I try to use console.debug() to debug an object, I get this non-useful output about the JavaScript object I’m printing:

[Object object]

There may be better ways to print the desired object, but I quickly discovered this trick to printing all of the properties of a JavaScript object:

A Chrome OS notebook (netbook) test?

A Chrome OS notebook test? - As a friend wrote to me the other day, "Want to try a Google Chrome OS notebook? Take you current notebook/laptop/netbook, fire up the Chrome browser, put it into full screen mode, and see how long you can work that way."

Mac Social browsers (a review)

A Mac social browsers review: For the last two weeks I've been bouncing back and forth between using different "social browsers" on Mac Mac OS X systems, including Mac browsers like Flock, RockMelt, and related apps like YooNo. Here's what I've learned about Mac social browser browsers, apps, and widgets.

Mac Safari shortcuts

Mac Safari shortcuts FAQ: What are the most common Mac Safari shortcuts (Mac Safari keyboard shortcuts)?

Here's a quick list of the most common Mac Safari shortcuts (Mac Safari keyboard shortcuts):

Social networking - Who do you trust?

I've been trying to do a lot of things lately to make my "social networking" life easier, but technology keeps beating me down. Yesterday I created some Safari web clips so I could see Twitter, Facebook, and several other web pages on my Mac dashboard (dashboard widgets), but the Twitter and Facebook web clips kept crashing, so after several tries, I gave up.

The network is the computer - The Chrome OS mantra?

After I posted on Twitter that the Google Chrome OS reminded me of the Tektronix X-Terminals we used at NASA around 1990, a friend tweeted the reply, "The network is the computer."

If you know anything about Unix history, you know "The network is the computer" was the slogan of Sun (nee Sun Microsystems) for many years. I remember reading an article one time where Sun executive said something like, "We don't really know what it means, but we like it", in regards to this slogan.