Sun Microsystems, Facebook, and impermanence alvin July 29, 2017 - 12:31pm

This is a smart photo about impermanence from this Twitter page.

How to configure Share Buttons by AddToAny with Drupal 8 alvin May 13, 2017 - 6:17pm

As a quick “note to self,” to get the Share Buttons module by AddToAny working in Drupal 8, I followed these steps:

- install the AddToAny module
- configure permissions so i could work with it
    - admin/people/permissions
- configure AddToAny as desired
    - admin/config/services/addtoany
- create a block, add it to a region (such as Content)
    - i actually created a block, then modified
      my theme to show AddToAny between the Contents and
      the Comments

The key to getting AddToAny was knowing to go to admin/structure/block and then selecting “Place Block” to create an AddToAny block. Not knowing that I had to do that slowed me down for quite a while.

Trimming the Facebook friends list

One thing I’ve learned lately is that I don’t like it when people post things to my Facebook timeline, like, “You should like this!” I’m about one “bad attitude day” away from cutting my Facebook friends list down to just immediate family. #argh

Ratio of women to men who have mast cell diseases

From what I can tell by the interactions on the The Mastocytosis Society group on Facebook, there is at least a 10:1 or 20:1 ratio of women to men who have mast cell diseases. Or, more accurately, those are the ratios of people who (a) know they have mast cell diseases and (b) interact in this group on Facebook.

Base-jumping spacetime alvin September 2, 2016 - 9:52am

(A bit of background before this story: Most Facebook-friends don’t seem to use Facebook on Wednesdays, so I like to slip stories like this out there. This is a post from July 27, 2016.)

Since nobody uses Facebook on Wednesday, I’ll just slip this one out here while no one is looking ...

Last night I was base-jumping spacetime with some other astral entities, and a being in the group kept not-doing something she was supposed to do. Since we were interdimensionally (similar to “internationally”) working together as a group, this just wouldn’t do.

After the Nth time this happened, I stopped the group mid-flight, and with spacetime flowing around us, I telepathically (and compassionately) asked, “Why aren’t you doing what you’re supposed to do?” Her answer, loosely translated in human terms, came down to, “I’m afraid.”

The moral of this little interdimensional story is that wherever, whenever, and whatever you are, conquer your fears or they’ll conquer you.

If Facebook owned Netflix

Note: I originally wrote this article in 2012.

For a long time I’ve thought the Netflix UI/UX sucks. Their designers don’t seem to understand how I want to use their service, they just seem interested in promoting their “You might like this tv show or movie” algorithm. I keep thinking about buying their stock (which just tanked again to $60), but then the thought comes into my mind, “They’re enamored with their algorithm and architecture, but they don’t understand UX or social.”

LinkedIn: Give us some money and we’ll tell you who’s looking at you alvin July 4, 2016 - 2:26pm

LinkedIn is “funny.” Where Facebook won’t tell you when other people look at your stuff, LinkedIn constantly reminds you, “X number of people have looked at your profile. Just give us some money and we’ll tell you who it was.”