Mac Social browsers (a review)

A Mac social browsers review: For the last two weeks I've been bouncing back and forth between using different "social browsers" on Mac Mac OS X systems, including Mac browsers like Flock, RockMelt, and related apps like YooNo. Here's what I've learned about Mac social browser browsers, apps, and widgets.

Mac Safari shortcuts

Mac Safari shortcuts FAQ: What are the most common Mac Safari shortcuts (Mac Safari keyboard shortcuts)?

Here's a quick list of the most common Mac Safari shortcuts (Mac Safari keyboard shortcuts):

Dear Google, About Chrome ...

Dear Google,

About Chrome, well, I've had to quit using it. If you'll look at all the bug reports I've filed, you'll see there are several problems when trying to use it with Yahoo Mail. It also doesn't render several websites properly, and I've reported those as well. And lately it keeps crashing. I notice this when it takes two attempts to close every tab, and then finally I just have to "force quit" Chrome.

How to create a Firefox SOCKS proxy with a Putty SSH tunnel (introduction)

It drives me crazy when I have to work at client sites and they have a web proxy like Websense set up that keeps me from doing my job. Don't get me wrong -- a tool like Websense is probably necessary for a lot of reasons, especially in larger organizations -- but on the flip side, a lot of technical blogs that I use as resources end up being blocked by Websense, and that "Blocked by Websense" message drives me nuts.

Test your Putty SSH tunnel and Firefox SOCKS proxy

(This is the final part of a four-part tutorial. Here's a link to the introduction.)

Step 5: Test your Putty SSH tunnel and Firefox SOCKS proxy

As an initial test of the tunnel just try to go to a website like in Firefox. If everything has been configured right, and your Putty tunnel is up and running, you should connect just fine.