Basic CVS and WinCVS Concepts

When working with CVS, there are several concepts that you should know:

  • Repository. The repository is essentially the central CVS server. The master copy of all files checked into a CVS project are stored here.
  • Sandbox. When you check a project out of CVS, you check it out into your own local copy. This local copy is referred to as your "sandbox". You can change whatever you want in the sandbox, but the repository will not be affected until you check your changes back in.
  • Multi-user. Multiple people can work on a project at one time. It often takes a little communication between team members to make sure you aren't working on the same file, or at least the same part of a file, but this is actually very commonly done, at least with plain text files. (With binary files, like images or video files, you can't really do this. One person's changes will clobber another person's changes.)


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