The AppleScript for loop (and while loop) examples

AppleScript for loop FAQ: How do I use an AppleScript for loop? (Also, how do you use an AppleScript while loop?)

This is actually a bit of a trick question, as there is no AppleScript for loop or while loop syntax. Instead you use the AppleScript repeat command, as shown in the following examples.

AppleScript for loop examples (“repeat”)

Where you might expect an AppleScript for loop to iterate over a list, you use the AppleScript repeat with syntax:

set myList to {"Hello", "Goodbye", "I must be going"}
repeat with theItem in myList
  say theItem
end repeat

If you want to repeat an AppleScript loop a number of times, you can use the AppleScript repeat n times syntax:

repeat 3 times
  say "hello"
end repeat

AppleScript while loop examples

Finally, where you might expect to find an AppleScript while loop, you use the repeat while syntax, like this:

set theName to ""
repeat while theName = ""
  display dialog "Dude, enter your name:" default answer ""
  set theName to text returned of result
  say theName
end repeat

AppleScript ‘for’ loop and ‘while’ loop examples

I hope these AppleScript for loop and while loop examples have been helpful. For more information on AppleScript lists, see my collection of AppleScript list examples.

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