cvs login - How do I log in from the CVS command line?

CVS Login FAQ: Can you show me an example CVS login command?

Sure. Here's CVS login command example:

cvs -d login

This cvs login example assumes the following:

  • You have a CVS client installed on your system, and that the firewall in your organization is open to allow this command. (I think the default pserver port is 2401.)
  • You are using the pserver access method.
  • You are accessing a repository on a server named "".
  • The CVS directory on that server is "/usr/local/cvs".
  • Your username on that server is "al".

If everything works ok, you will be prompted to enter your password.

Note that another thing you can do here is set your CVSROOT before logging in. For example, using ksh you can set your CVSROOT environment variable like this:


Then you can just login like this:

cvs login

This tends to be a little easier, at least for me. Actually, I've set up a bunch of aliases for the half-dozen or so CVS servers I usually connect to.