Java profiling with JRat

Writing software is a funny thing. You do something one day and you think it's really cool, then come back another day and go "WTF was I thinking?", so you tear it apart and rewrite it.

Today I ran the JRat Java profiler (Runtime Analysis Toolkit) on some code I wrote about 10 days ago, and it showed that I was looking for a pixel 10,000,000+ times on a 1024x768 resolution image.

At first I thought that was impossible, but sure enough, in my Java application, if I don't find what I'm looking for I just keep looking and looking. :) (Fixed that!) Now I only look for a pixel a max of 786,432 times on a 1024x768 screen with my new and improved Java image-searching algorithm.

You gotta love Java profiling and profiling tools, and so far so good with JRat. I've used it on two small projects with great success.

Feature by feature I don't know how JRat compares to a commercial tool like JProfiler, but for my small projects so far it's workerd great, and het, the price is right.


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