A Glassfish command reference (cheat sheet)

Here's a copy of a Glassfish cheat sheet (reference page) that I always keep near me whenever I'm working with a Glassfish server. I like a lot of things about Glassfish, but trying to remember all of these commands for the Glassfish CLI is not one of my favorite things.

Here's my Glassfish command reference:


start glassfish                     asadmin start-domain domain1

verify your server is running       http://localhost:8080/ (browse to this url)
log in to admin console             http://localhost:4848/ (browse to this url)

start the derby database server     asadmin start-database
help, version 1                     asadmin help

list domains                        asadmin list-domains
start a domain                      asadmin start-domain --verbose=true domain8
stop a domain                       asadmin stop-domain domain8

delete a domain                     asadmin delete-domain domain8
backup a domain                     asadmin backup-domain domain8

change passwords                    asadmin change-admin-password
                                    asadmin change-master-password

restore a domain backup             asadmin restore-domain --filename        
                                    /opt/dev/apps/Glassfish_2_ur2/domains/domain8/backups/sjsas_backup_v00001.zip domain8

verify the domain.xml file          asadmin verify-domain-xml
delete a database connection pool   asadmin delete-jdbc-connection-pool sample-mysql-poo


create a jdbc resource              asadmin create-jdbc-resource --connectionpoolid sample-mysql-pool \
                                    --host --port 4849 --secure --user admin \

delete a jdbc resource              asadmin delete-jdbc-resource jdbc/sample-jdbc-resource
list all jdbc connection pools      asadmin list-jdbc-connection-pools
list all jdbc resources             asadmin list-jdbc-resources


list clusters                       asadmin list-clusters
delete a cluster                    asadmin delete-cluster cluster01
start a cluster                     asadmin start-cluster cluster01
stop a cluster                      asadmin stop-cluster cluster01


list all node agents                asadmin list-node-agents
delete a node agent                 asadmin delete-node-agent nodeAgent1
stop a node agent                   asadmin stop-node-agent nodeAgent1

I hope this Glassfish cheat sheet helps you as much as it has helped me.

As one final note: You can just start up the Glassfish admin console like this:


and then issue these commands from within the console, without the leading asadmin command. For example, you can start the console like this:


and then list the Glassfish domains like this: