JSP calendar - Source code for my web calendar (JSP) project

Update (August, 2010): This website no longer runs under my earlier Java servlet/JSP blog code, so the JSP calendar I used to have running here is not running any more. That being said, I am still sharing my JSP calendar source code, as it still works just fine.

My JSP calendar source code

As I've mentioned in other blog posts, I like my servlet/JSP calendar approach for the following reasons:

  • It is very simple, possibly as simple as you can get in the servlet/JSP world.
  • It renders plain old HTML and CSS.
  • The first, small JSP calendar highlights the current date, and lets you scroll through months.
  • The large "print view" calendar fills the entire screen, and is great for printing.

Download my JSP calendar source code

You can download all the source code for my calendar.jsp project (including the calendar JSP files, Java servlet classes, HTML, and CSS files) from the following link:

The JSP calendar source code includes two folders:

  • The "jsp" folder includes the JSP and CSS pages that are used.
  • The "src" folder includes the one Java class that is needed.

JSP calendar - Installation

If you're familiar with Java web projects, you can see how this code should be installed. Just take the calendar JSP and CSS files and place them in your own JSP folder, and take the Month class from the src folder, and place that in your own source code folder. There are no servlets that need to be defined in a web.xml file, or any other configuration, for that matter. Just install, and use.

JSP calendar source code - Modification

Feel free to modify the JSP files and Java Month class as desired. As mentioned in another blog post, I know that some of the CSS isn't 100% right, so you'll probably want to make some changes there. There are a few things I don't know how to do with tables right now, and since I'm not currently working on any Java web projects, it will be a while before I get back to changing these. So, have at it, and good luck.