Common vi/vim commands I'm trying to remember

I’ve created a list of some common vim commands that I need to remember. The most important of these vim commands are related to vim syntax highlighting, auto-indent, and showing line numbers.

Here’s a short list of these vim commands, all of which can be issued while you are in vim “command mode”:

Vim Commands
:set autoindent

:syntax on

:set all         (display the value of all options)

:set number      (show line numbers)

:set hlsearch    (highlight matching search strings)

:set ignorecase  (makes searches case insensitive)
xp               (swap two characters)

:browse set      (set options using a screen-based dialog)

m{letter}        (place mark)

'{letter}        (go to mark)

R ... <Esc>      (replace characters until <Esc> is hit)

:split {file}    (split window)

CTRL-Wj          (move up a window)

CTRL-Wk          (move down a window)

CTRL-Wo          (make the current window the only window)

As you can see, these vim commands are related to turning syntax on, showing line numbers, and a few other more obscure vi/vim commands.