How to run an AppleScript from the Mac OS X Unix shell

AppleScript FAQ: How can I run an AppleScript script from the Mac Unix terminal (Unix command line)?

A cool thing about MacOS is that you can run AppleScript programs from the Unix shell. (Well, I guess it's cool if you're a Unix user.)

Running an AppleScript program from the Unix shell turns out to be surprising easy. For instance, if my current working directory has a script named OpenUrls.scpt in it, I can run that script from the command line like this:

osascript OpenUrls.scpt

Of course the key to this is the osascript program. Here's a description from the osascript man page:

Execute AppleScripts and other OSA language scripts ... osascript executes the given script. It was designed for use with AppleScript, but will work with any Open Scripting Architecture (OSA) language. To get a list of the OSA languages installed on your system, use osalang (1).