Apple has nearly $1M per employee in the bank

Last night I put two recent news articles together, and realized that Apple has nearly one million dollars in the bank per employee(!). Okay, it's actually only $802,857 per employee, but that's still not too shabby. (At the current rate, in another quarter or two it actually will be $1M per employee.)

Lest you think I'm making this up, here's the research: At the bottom of this article they mention that Apple now has $28.1B in the bank, and in this article Tim Cook mentions that Apple has 35,000 "wicked smart" employees. (Wonder if they'd like to make a withdrawal from the bank?) Divide the cash in the bank by the number of employees and you should get a really big number.

BTW, ever wonder big $28B is? Put it this way: when I tried to use the calculator widget on Mac OS X, I couldn't key in a number that large. That's a lot of moo-la.