Phoning it in

Here in Louisville, Kentucky there's a local weatherman who has been doing the weather for at least 30 years. One morning last week I was struck by how much he's just "phoning it in" these days.

He seems way beyond bored, like he's said "yada yada yada" about the weather a million times before. As I watched it snow outside he talked about it being "partly cloudy this morning", and I thought, "Dude, you might want to look out the window." After that he said the skies would be clearing up later this morning, and sure enough, two hours later it was snowing even harder. So besides having lost interest in his job, he's just plain wrong.

By contrast, there's a young guy on another channel named Marc Weinberg who seems to love his job, loves chasing storms, loves explaining the weather. His enthusiasm really comes across, and he's fun to watch.

Why do I mention any of this? Pretty simple, really. Are you "phoning it in" these days? If so, I've got news for you, people can tell.

Me, I recommend changing careers, but if for some reason you're not that brave, at least take a leave of absence from work, and see if you can come back to the same job with a much better attitude. Your employer is paying you, after all, and once you've accepted a job I believe you owe them your best, or you need to step aside.

On a related note, if you'll pardon my hacked-up Spanish, here's one of my favorite phrases:

La vida es corta.
No pierdas la tiempo.

The translation is "Life is short, don't waste time" (or at least I hope it is), and for me, they're words to live by.