Print files in a Windows directory listing

Here's a tip courtesy of Computer Shopper: Every once in a while I've found a need to print a directory listing on my Windows computer. It only happens once or twice a year, but there are definitely times when I go "Man, I wish I could print the contents of my C:\Projects directory", or something similar. I don't know why MS hasn't built this into Windows.

So, the tip of the day is to use Netscape/Mozilla to do this. Open up your Mozilla browser, and in the address field type "C:", then hit [Enter]. It will immediately should you a directory listing that you can print. Of course not only can you print it, but you can click on sub-folders and move into them just as expected. Try the same thing with IE and you'll be mosted disappointed. Thanks Computer Shopper for the tip, and thanks Mozilla Team for the useful functionality.