When is Dropbox syncing? The icons tell

Dropbox syncing FAQ: How do I know when Dropbox is syncing my files?

On a Mac, you can tell when Dropbox is syncing your files by looking at the Dropbox icon in your Mac menu bar. When Dropbox is not syncing your files the icon will have a little check mark on it, like this blown-up image:

Meditation leads to concentration

In other blog posts I've mentioned that I think meditation can be a great tool for improving your concentration, so I thought I'd take a few moments here to explain how to meditate. It comes very naturally to me these days, but if you've never meditated before you may not know how to get started, so I thought I'd share this very simple technique here.

How to bookmark a directory in the Mac Finder (Part 2)

A very important warning: When you drag your folder over to the PLACES section of the Finder, make sure your image looks like the image shown above, where the folder is clearly going to be placed between two existing folders. If you drag your folder over to the left side, and you're highlighting another folder in the PLACES section, you're going to end up moving your folder to that other folder. That's a great technique for moving your folder from one place to another, but it's not what I'm trying to describe here.

Creating Mac Finder bookmarks (Part 1)

One of the cool things about the Mac Finder is that you can create shortcuts, or bookmarks, to folders that you visit frequently. This is cool, because instead of clicking around to get to your commonly used directories, you can get to them with just one mouse click. That's as fast I can think to make it.

Mac Finder: How to create a new folder from keyboard

It seems like every week, as I become more proficient with using Mac OS X, I learn a new keystroke or keyboard command that is helpful in making me faster. During the last week I finally learned that I can create a new folder within the current Finder folder using this keystroke:


Ant FAQ: How to determine the platform operating system in an Ant build script


You're creating an Ant build script, and you need to determine the operating system the script is running on, so you can make conditional decisions within the build script. You typically want/need to do this if you're going to run tasks/targets that are different for each operating system (Mac, Windows, Unix, etc.).

iPhone song rating - How to set a song rating on your iPod or iPhone

iPhone songs FAQ: Can I set or change the rating of an iTunes song on my iPhone or iPod?

Wow, I'm such an iPod/iPhone/Itunes dummy, I didn't realize that I could change the rating of a song from my iPhone until I dug into it a little bit. Here's a quick look at how to change the iTunes song rating from your iPhone/iPod.

Setting/changing an iPhone/iPod song rating

You can set the iTunes song rating directly from your iPhone (or iPod) when the song is playing.