Thu, May 16, 2002

Weird human emotion: I find myself angry at Jim for dying. Sitting at a bar last night, a friend brought some pictures that included one with a group of us, including Jim. Of course in the picture we're all at a bar, smiling and raising our glasses to the camera. Every time I see a picture, hear his name, or walk by his office, I keep saying "Dammit Jim, why did you have to go?" I know it isn't anything he wanted to do, it just happened, but that's what my brain keeps saying.

Outside of Jim, my jasper.log file is huge, and I need to change the default value of "INFORMATION" logging to something else (something that emits a *lot* less detail). Back on the personal tone, here's a letter to Melissa about a book, and a brief thought on why Microsoft can't stop pop-up ads.

Just found this link in a print mag: Google zeitgeist - search patterns, trends, and surprises, according to google. A cool way to see what the world is searching for.