Lynx bookmarks (Tue, Sep 30, 2003)

I often use the Lynx character-based web browser, but can never remember or find their obscure commands. Two that I really need are how to create bookmarks, and how to access them.

To create a bookmark in Lynx, just go to the page that you want, then press the letter 'a'. When Lynx brings up a prompt, select the letter 'd' (for Document). That's all.

To recall a bookmark in Lynx, just hit the letter 'v' when you're in Lynx. This brings up a list of bookmarks. Scroll through the list, select the bookmark you want, then hit [Enter] or [RightArrow] to follow the link. Again, simple, but hard to find, and hard to remember.

Lynx also maintains a bookmarks file. You can find the name of that file by pressing 'O' (the letter "oh") (for "Options") while in Lynx. You can probably edit that file manually, but I haven't tried doing that yet.