A JRuby program that runs the Java Robot class

This is just my second JRuby program, but I thought I might as well go for the gusto. This Ruby/JRuby program creates an instance of a Java Robot class (java.awt.Robot), then moves the mouse to a position where it clicks the Minimize button on a full-screen window (assuming a display resolution of 1024x768). Warning: if you have something else in that location it will click that instead!

Here's the Ruby/JRuby code:

# devdaily.com
# this program uses jruby to run the Java Robot class.
require 'java'

include_class 'java.awt.Robot'
include_class 'java.awt.event.InputEvent'

# on my system (1024x768 resolution) this positions the mouse over
# the 'minimize' button of a full-screen window
robot = Robot.new

# a slow click here so you can see what's happening