Java servlet example - HttpServletRequest, getPathInfo, and getRequestURI

Working on tag support for this blog, I've cut a little sample code out of a Java servlet, and I'm showing it below. I was looking at the HttpServletRequest, and was curious about the difference between request.getPathInfo(), request.getPathTranslated(), and request.getRequestURI(), so I created this demo code. Here's the example code from the servlet:

String pathInfo = request.getPathInfo();
String pathTrans = request.getPathTranslated();
String uri = request.getRequestURI();

System.err.println("pathInfo:  " + pathInfo);
System.err.println("pathTrans: " + pathTrans);
System.err.println("uri:       " + uri);

And here's the sample output from the servlet, running under Tomcat on my MacBook Pro:

pathInfo:  /java+mac+foo
pathTrans: /Users/al/tomcat-4.1.31/webapps/blog/tag/java+mac+foo
uri:       /blog/tag/java+mac+foo

I forgot to mention, the URL I hit to generate this output was http://localhost:8080/blog/tag/java+mac+foo