Mozilla revenue exceeds $66M per year in 2006

Here's something I never knew before: The Mozilla Foundation's revenue exceeded $66M in 2006.

I expected that the Mozilla folks were making some money, but I guess I was thinking in the range of $1M to $5M, nothing like this.

I only learned of this when I read some of the comments of Mozilla's CEO angry comments regarding Apple distributing Safari through an iTunes update. To be honest with my own thoughts here, I have to wonder how much his comments have to do with Apple's approach, and how much has to do with the revenue.

There are some interesting lines in the Mozilla Foundation's financial docs too ... one thing is for sure, some people are making some good money. I'm not complaining -- I haven't had to use IE for years, so that's really nice, and I like many of the plug-ins.

The revenue part just really, really surprised me. I think of Open Source as people working late at night on side projects and getting no money in return, but that's not always the case.