I'd rather die than build another web app

Wow, a friend of mine sent me an email yesterday that echoes my sentiments exactly, and he doesn't hold anything back. With his permission, I'm sharing it here:

Man, I'd rather die than create another friggin' web app. I mean, who really gives a crap about web apps? What the **** are these apps doing for the real good of the world? Who cares if you can order a pizza online, or share photos easier than we did 10 years ago? I just don't want to look back on my life and think that I spent it creating friggin' web apps.

Just imagine if all these smart minds were working in the science and engineering fields instead of chasing the almighty dollar. We need medical advances a million times more than another effin' web app. Think about that time you saw your aunt at the funeral, and she had no idea who you were b/c she had Alzheimers. You shoveled that lady's driveway every winter for what, at least five years? And you see her 10 years after college, and she has no idea who you are? That sucks.

The world needs more scientists, engineers, and just plain inventors. This web **** pales so much in comparison to the things we need to build. Think of just the aerospace industry, global warming, and energy fields. And all these really smart minds are being wasted building friggin' web apps??? Argh...

God, that kills me. What a waste of all this talent.