Java PreparedStatement: How to SQL INSERT items from a List or Collection

Here's a quick example of how I just used a Java PreparedStatement to insert nearly 1,500 records into a Drupal database table.

I needed this method (and the corresponding class) because after I converted this website to use Drupal, I did not correctly populate a Drupal database table named workflow_node, so I wrote this method as part of a larger Java program to correct the data in that table:

 * A method for inserting records into the workflow_node table.
 * This is being done to correct some data after the transition
 * to Drupal.
private void insertWorkflowNodeEntries(List<Node> nodes)
throws SQLException
  // there are nearly 1,500 nodes, but i'm just going to 
  // give them all the same timestamp
  int stamp = 1250629584;

  // my SQL INSERT statement
  String query = " insert into workflow_node (nid, sid, uid, stamp)"
               + " values (?, 2, 3, ?)";

  // declare the preparedstatement reference
  PreparedStatement preparedStmt = null;
    // create the preparedstatement before the loop
    preparedStmt = mysqlConn.prepareStatement(query);

    // now loop through nearly 1,500 nodes in the list
    for (Node n : nodes)
      preparedStmt.setInt(1, n.nid);
      preparedStmt.setInt(2, stamp);
      preparedStmt.execute();           // the INSERT happens here
  catch (SQLException se)
    throw se;
    // close the statement when all the INSERT's are finished

I added a lot of documentation to this "PreparedStatement INSERT" method, so hopefully the only thing that needs to be added here is that I defined a small Node class, and when this method is called, it is passed a List of Node references, in this case, almost 1,500 of these Nodes.

As I look at the code, I also need to note that the mysqlConn is our Connection to the MySQL database. This connection needs to be created before this method is called.