Java JDBC drivers and driver downloads

In need of a Java JDBC driver for your database? I thought I'd put together a quick list here showing the URLs where you can download the latest JDBC drivers for databases like Postgresql (Postgres), MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.

MySQL JDBC driver

MySQL Connector/J is the official MySQL JDBC driver. Here's a link to their JDBC driver: 

MariaDB JDBC driver

Here’s a link to the MariaDB JDBC driver:

Postgresql JDBC driver

The Postgresql JDBC driver download page has some nice documentation on which JDBC driver to use with different Postgres and Java JVM versions. Here's a link to their driver:

SQL Server JDBC driver

I recently worked with several large companies that use Microsoft SQL Server, and they all preferred to use the open source jTDS driver for SQL Server. (Also, as their documentation states, it is "recommended for DbVisualizer and SQuirreL SQL, distributed with Aqua Data Studio, and DataDino".)

Here's a link to the jTDS SQL Server JDBC driver download page

If, however, you prefer the SQL Server JDBC driver from Microsoft, you can download it here.