vi/vim video tutorials

Woo-hoo, I've always wanted to create a vim video tutorial series, and now that I have the software to do it, I'm finally embarking on this adventure.

My vi/vim editor video tutorial - Lesson
1, Introduction

I've taught the vi editor to dozens -- maybe hundreds -- of Unix and Linux users, and I know that I need to work my way into it easily. So, that being said, here's a link to my first video on the vi editor, where I demonstrate:

  • How to start vi
  • How to quit vi
  • How to insert text
  • How to save the text
  • Command mode, last-line mode, and insert mode

I hope this "vi editor" series will be helpful to Linux and Unix users. Remember, vi is your friend, and very importantly, it comes free with every Unix system out there, so if you know vi, you can easily move from one Unix system to another.

To see my vi/vim introductory video tutorial, click the image above, or follow this link to my "Introduction to the vi editor" video on YouTube.


More vi/vim video tutorials

I've created a few more vi/vim video tutorials over the last few days, and here are links to all of them:

I'll continue to update this document as I create new videos.




I think you've done a really good job explaining how vi works to beginners. Just my two cents but I'm guessing that most of your readers aren't complete beginners towards programming (I may be wrong), in which case I feel that you could increase the pace of the video. Though I may be a little biased as I'm using vi (actually the mac GUI version, MacVim) as my primary editor.

Yes, I'd definitely like to increase the pace of it. I'd like to cover the same content in about five minutes, so I'll probably re-record it, or see if I can edit what I already have. Thanks for your comments! (And you remind me that I need to try MacVim again.)