Hate-y bits (a lucid dream story)

In the “lucid dream holodeck” this morning, I was hanging out with a group of peeps when a tornado suddenly appeared. Everyone started running for cover, and I grabbed a dog and started running for a basement when I looked back at it and thought, “This isn’t a tornado, it’s just an insane amount of energy.”

Holding the dog under my right arm, I stood my ground. When I did this, the energy stopped moving like a tornado, and — skipping over the whole “Transformers” thing — it eventually took on a female human form.

Further skipping past our introductions ... I eventually suggested that she talk to some other people in the dreamspace, but she said no, I had less “hate-y bits” than the other people. (Language differences often make for interesting translations.)

I said, “No, sadly, I assure you, I still have plenty of hate-y bits,” but she said, “At least you’re working on them.” So we chatted for a while, and she promised to come back another time.

So, lesson of the morning: keep working on those “hate-y bits.”

Note: IMHO, the antidote to hate-y bits are compassion and forgiveness.

(Notes from a lucid dream, September 24, 2016.)