Back from gallbladder surgery

Wow, after “Eleven Days of Hell” following my gallbladder surgery — I had a post-operative infection — I'm glad to say that I’m finally back to work from my gallbladder surgery. If you were thinking I haven’t responded to your comments or emails lately, well, you were right, and I’ll try to catch up soon.

FWIW, by following my own gallbladder/gallstones diet advice I was able to avoid surgery for several months, but in the end, having my gallbladder removed seems to have greatly improved my quality of life. Yesterday (December, 2011) I had the first piece of chocolate I've had since May, and it was good. :)



Are you still okay? I am considering gallbladder surgery which I have been stalling. I hear that some people still have problems after with fat, cause your gallbladder does have a function, so I dunno what to think...

At first it seemed like it took a couple of weeks for my body to adjust, but these days I’m fine. I really don’t even think about it any more.