A bad Toyota RAV4 quality experience

Okay, sorry for this rant, but I have had a very bad experience with Toyota regarding my 2006 Toyota RAV4, and I'm upset about it.

My rant is short: The RAV4 I currently own was my first Toyota purchase, the overall experience has been very poor, and I've just spent three days trying to get this latest RAV4 problem resolved. Toyota acknowledges this problem is a design flaw, but now it turns out that Toyota's "customer care" people don't actually care.

Arghhh ... I had fewer problems with Ford, and I no longer buy into "Toyota quality" sales pitch.

Toyota RAV4 Problem #1: Major windshield water leak

The first major RAV4 quality problem has to do with a big water leak in the windshield. The photo below shows how I had to keep the RAV4 covered like this to keep water out of the passenger-side floor. I first discovered the problem after an overnight rain, when I found the passenger-side carpet underneath a half-inch of water.

It turns out there was a "TSB" (Toyota Service Bulletin) out for this RAV4 windshield leak problem, but the Toyota repair/service people didn't find that until my third trip in.

Toyota RAV4 water leak problem (and what I had to do to keep water out of the car)

Toyota RAV4 steering column klunking noise

The second major RAV4 quality problem I've had involves a klunking noise in the RAV4 steering column. I've documented that in two articles, Toyota RAV4 steering column klunking noise, and "Hey Toyota, recall my RAV4 (steering column noise)", as well as in the comments below.