Is bone broth making you sick?

At the time of this writing (October, 2016), diets like the Autoimmune Protocol and Paleo Diet are very popular, and in both of these plans something called bone broth is all the rage. But when I consume bone broth I get extremely sick. What gives?

It turns out that bone broth is not good for people with kidney problems (Chronic Kidney Disease, or CKD), and it’s probably not good for people with mast cell diseases (which I have). Here’s a brief explanation.

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Bone broth and Chronic Kidney Disease

I don’t remember the original source of this at the moment, but back on September 2nd of this year I made this posting on Facebook:

“OMG, if you have kidney problems, broth made from animal meat and bones is the worst thing you can ever consume.”

At some point I’ll come back here and provide proof of that statement, but as I mentioned, I got very sick after consuming bone broth, and I know that I Google’d for reasons why, and that was one thing I found.

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Bone broth and mast cell disease (Mastocytosis, etc.)

I made a similar finding about mastocytosis and mast cell activation disease, and also made this post on Facebook:

“OMG, if you have mastocytosis, bone broth could put you into anaphylactic shock.”

Again, I need to come back here and add proof of that statement at some point, but I also remember finding sources for this when I made that post.

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There may be other reasons why you get sick when you eat bone broth, but one of these reasons (or possibly both) is why I got very sick when consuming bone broth.

I just thought of this today when I was cleaning out the freezer and threw out some bones, and I thought I’d post this here for anyone else who finds that bone broth makes them sick.

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