Lucid dream: Waking up in a hospital

(Note: This is one of over 1,000 lucid dreams that I have had and made notes about. For some reason I have had lucid dreams (and sleep paralysis) quite often, so at some point I started making notes about the dreams.)

I fell asleep very slowly last night, so I was able to stay awake through the whole falling-asleep process, i.e., the usual sleep paralysis part. As I was still awake I started to hear the usual “here/there sucking sounds,” and just told myself that I shouldn’t be afraid, I’ve done this hundreds of times before.

And then the instant I fell asleep here I found myself in a hospital there. A doctor and nurse were looking at a bandage on the lower-right part of my abdomen, above the appendix, and closer to the center of the stomach.

As I looked at “myself,” I noted that the skin color was lighter than mine, and that my arms were smaller and skinnier, and there wasn’t much hair on the abdomen or arms. After the inspection the doctor asked if I had any questions, and I said, “Yes. Who am I? And where am I?”

Boy, were they surprised. (“You really don’t know who you are?”)

After freaking out a bit, they eventually ushered me to a room and asked me to wait there. But they wouldn’t tell me anything, so I kept leaving the room and asking people what the date was, or if there was a calendar nearby.

I got to a point where I knew the hallways pretty well, and where things were. They caught me and put me back in the room several times, and this went on for quite a while, 15-30 minutes maybe. I thought to myself that it was stunning that I could stay here so long, I haven’t been able to do this in a lucid dream in a decade or two. I was trying not to appear like a lunatic, but I kept asking them why they wouldn’t tell me anything.

But I was concerned that my time there would eventually run out, so I made one more run for it, and just as I found a calendar and saw that it was July, 2707, I felt a stinging pain or shock in both kidneys. I don’t know if something happened in the lucid dream holodeck, or maybe my kidney stones did something here, but I woke up gently in bed.

~ March 31, 2022

(Note: If you know some of my previous stories, you know that I have woken up during surgeries in a hospital, woken up in hospital beds, and in peoples’ homes where “I” was being cared for by someone else.)