Ram Dass’s Grist for the Mill

In my earlier posts on the best Ram Dass book to start with and the best Ram Dass books I know, I didn’t mention his book, Grist for the Mill.

Since I forgot to mention it, today I’d like to note a few things about it. First, I think it’s a really good book, it’s just not the first Ram Dass book I’d recommend.

Second, in hte chapter titled, “Levels of Reality,” his concept of “channels” is insanely brilliant, and I believe this book contains the deepest discussion of it.

Later in the book he talks about “professional meditators” as people who meditate a lot, but don’t gain enlightenment because they don’t/can’t drop their ego. That’s a great discussion as well.

Another great quote in the book is that “karma is created by an act done with attachment.” See page 125 for that discussion.

That’s all for now ... I just wanted to add these notes while I was thinking about them. If/when I think of anything else, I’ll be glad to add it here.