Song lyrics: What do you think about when you think about me?

A few years ago I had a lucid dream that had a beautiful song in it. Unfortunately I didn’t wake myself up right away, and by the time I did wake up, I couldn’t remember all the lyrics. But my favorite lyrics, which set the tone for the song, are:

What do you think about
When you think about me?

So over time I’ve been coming up with other lyrics as I think of them, such as:

Tonight at the table,
Looking out at the sky,
My thoughts were so far away,
I wish I could tell you why.

And also:

I thought about the time at the beach,
Everyone went different ways,
And it ended up just you and me,
And we took that slow walk,
And looking out at the sea.

Some of the lyrics feel a little corny still, but I enjoy thinking about it and working on the lyrics as new situations come up.

The song is about a little about unrequited love ... but it’s more like it’s about mutual unrequited love, or maybe unspoken love ... I don’t know the right term for it, but it’s about two people who love each other, but feel like they can’t be with each other, so neither one says anything about their feelings for the other. Because of this, the song is intended as a duet about this unspoken or silent love between the two people.

At this point the song is mostly finished, and if anything it’s a little too long, so I need to find a way to trim it back a little.