Old Man

“No, no, no ... come on old man, just let me back up before you start walking behind me”, I mutter to myself, looking back behind the right side of my rental car. I had a twelve hour drive to get here, and now I need to move my car out of this parking space like the pretty girl at the front desk asked.

“Dammit, too late, he’s going for it,” I sigh. I give him a polite smile and wave as he moves slowly from right to left behind my car. “Fine, don’t wave back, old fart. What the -- hey, don’t lean on my #%! car -- what’s that all about??? Geez, don’t touch the rental car old man.”

I put my foot on the brake and shift into reverse, hoping all the lights in the back of the car will help get his ass moving a little faster. “God, what a long, damned day, and now I can’t even get an old man out from behind my car.”

Veins bulging in my neck, the old man finishes his epic journey behind my car, then continues his slow-shuffle, car-leaning thing behind the next car. Finally able to back up, I move my car to another parking spot, grab my bags, and head to my room.

Unpacking in the hotel room, I hear ambulance sirens, first from a distance, and then much closer. Hearing someone running in the hallway, I open the door, and see the pretty front desk girl. “What’s the matter,” I yell. “Can I help?”

“No,” she screams, and as she turns her head I see tears flowing down her cheeks. “It’s my father. He’s had a heart attack in the parking lot. They think he’s dead.”