Where is Sandy Clough? (Denver sports radio, The Fan)

Update: July 20, 2016: According to the link I share below, Sandy Clough will be returning to 104.3 The Fan this coming Monday in a new time slot: 10am to noon, a time slot he occupied when I first moved to the Denver area. He will be replacing Cecil Lammey in that time slot, and much to my chagrin it appears that CJ and Stokley will continue in the noon-3pm time slot.

Why does a guy from the radio station who “lost” to The Fan get his own time slot? CJ seems like a nice guy, but not a radio talk show host. As Colin Daniels writes in the following link, “With all due respect to the both of them (CJ and Stokley), that show sucks.” *sigh* (A tip to the management of The Fan: Let good talk shows hosts interview athletes, don’t just give former athletes the mic for three hours.)

For more information, see this article on bsndenver.com.

Where is Sandy Clough?

Sports radio listeners in Denver, Colorado are asking, “Where is Sandy Clough?” Personally, I didn’t think I’d miss him if he left — he goes on long monologues sometimes where doesn’t let other people get a word in — but he’s 99% better than CJ and Stokley, and he’s also a smart interviewer. If most of his show involved interviewing athletes and smart people like Chris Landry, it would be a terrific show.

I keep Googling for news on Sandy Clough, but I haven’t found much yet. Here’s what I know.

The short story is that on all of the public forums and Denver news sites nobody seems to know where Sandy Clough is, or probably more accurately, nobody is saying anything. The two main theories are that he has had a falling out with The Fan, or that he may be ill (hopefully not).

A falling out with 104.3 “The Fan”?

The most intelligent things I’ve read are that he was upset with 104.3 The Fan for letting Scott Hastings go, and he has been “on leave” since just a little while after Brandon Stokley joined the show (as the “Sandy and Stokley” show).

I specifically remember someone calling in one day and saying, “Sandy, I sure do miss Scott,” and Sandy said something like, “Me too ... me too,” and you could tell that he was sad/upset that The Fan let Mr. Hastings go.

The theory is that he’s on leave until his contract with The Fan runs out, and then he will move over to 950 AM, whose signal I sadly don’t receive in the area I live in (Broomfield/Louisville).


A second theory is that he is ill, but there’s nothing to substantiate that (any more than there is anything to substantiate the theory that he’s on leave). But as I’m dealing with an illness of my own at the moment, I can understand this and the desire for privacy.


The closest thing to reporting on this comes from bsndenver.com, and everything else tends to be a copy of that (including this blog post, as I can’t find any other information). As that site states, he’s been off the air since at least April, 2016 (maybe March), and it’s now July, so I’m surprised that there hasn’t been any more news on this.

I just set a “Sandy Clough” Google alert, so I’ll update this article as soon as I know something new.