CakePHP, PHP, and LAMP developer jobs

Having learned a lot about PHP and CakePHP lately, I was wondering what the job market looks like for CakePHP developers these days, so I've been poking around various websites lately to see what's going on. shows a few jobs for CakePHP developers, with salaries in the wide range of $50K to $100K per year. Digging into the descriptions, some of those jobs are actually for Rails developers, PHP developers, and LAMP developers.

The crazy thing is that when you google "cakephp developer" or "cakephp developers", there are tons of ads for people that will develop code for $10/hour, or even less. I don't know anything about their quality, but wow, that's dirt-cheap for a programming salary/rate. (*shudders*)

CakePHP and Drupal jobs

Digging around again this morning, and I just found the back door into the website. I've always thought of DICE as a contract programming shop, so I thought I'd see what they had to offer. I searched for the following PHP job descriptions, with the following results:

  • CakePHP - 18 job postings
  • Drupal - 132 job postings
  • LAMP PHP - 334 job postings

That's pretty much along the lines of what I expected. The more general the search, the more results, and CakePHP being the least-commonly used PHP technology I've learned lately. Not that it's the least-commonly used PHP framework; just the least-known framework I have personally learned lately. I like CakePHP a lot, and I don't want that to come across the wrong way at all.

More CakePHP jobs (careerbuilder)

For the record, I just did the same search at, and found the following similar results:

  • CakePHP - 8 job postings
  • Drupal - 63 job postings
  • LAMP PHP - 160 job postings

(As I've come back to edit this article, I've seen that regularly has more developer jobs listed than careerbuilder, though Dice is more of a contract programming shop.)

CakePHP jobs

Poking around a little more, I just found this link for CakePHP jobs on the CakePHP website. That's a nice service for CakePHP developers, and a great way to promote the CakePHP framework.

Drupal jobs

Okay, more searching, and more results. Here's a similar link to Drupal jobs on the website. Again, a great service for Drupal developers.

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