A PHP last character function

PHP string FAQ: Can you share some source code for a PHP last character function (string function)?

Sure, I just developed a PHP last character function for an app I'm working on, and here's the source code for that function, aptly named last_char:

# a php last character function
function last_char($str)
  $len = strlen($str);
  return char_at($str, $len-1);

As you can tell from the code, it returns the last character from a PHP string.

Oops, I see it requires my PHP char_at function. Here's the source code for it as well:

function char_at($str, $pos)
  return $str{$pos};

Of course if you're a PHP whiz you can knock out this PHP last character functionality in just one or two lines of code, but I happen to like a lot of small functions that do one thing, hence this breakdown.

This PHP last character function isn't too amazing or anything like this, but hopefully it is useful. :)