Software cost estimating in an agile development environment (PDF)

I’m currently working on a trilogy of “books” (booklets) about software cost estimating, and the third book in the series is about estimating the time and cost of software development projects in an agile development environment. The book isn’t complete yet, and some of it may not make sense without the first two books in the series, but I thought I’d release it here today, as almost everyone has some sort of “agile” development environment going today (or at least I hope so).

This third book is very short, about 25 pages in length, and is based on a talk I gave at an agile user’s group several years ago. Each page contains a slide from that presentation along with a brief discussion.

So without any further introduction at this time, here is a link to an early release of Book 3:

I hope that most of this book/booklet makes sense without the first two books. I do make a few references to Book 1, and if those areas are stumbling blocks, it may help to know that I hope to have that book available within the next week.