sbtmkdirs: A shell script to create a Scala SBT project directory structure

This is a simple shell script to build a Scala SBT project directory structure. Here’s the shell script in its current incarnation:


# Name:    sbtmkdirs
# Version: 1.6
# Purpose: Create an SBT project directory structure with a few simple options.
# Author:  Alvin Alexander,
# License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Generic
declare -r TRUE=0
declare -r FALSE=1

# takes a string and returns true if it seems to represent "yes"
function isYes() {
  local x=$1
  [ $x = "y" ] && echo $TRUE; return
  [ $x = "Y" ] && echo $TRUE; return
  [ $x = "yes" ] && echo $TRUE; return
echo $FALSE

echo "This script creates an SBT project directory beneath the current directory."

while [ $TRUE ]; do

echo ""
  read -p "Directory/Project Name (MyFirstProject): " directoryName

  read -p "Create .gitignore File? (Y/n): " createGitignore

  read -p "Create File? (Y/n): " createReadme

  echo ""
  echo "-----------------------------------------------"
  echo "Directory/Project Name: $directoryName"
  echo "Create .gitignore File?: $createGitignore"
  echo "Create File?: $createReadme"
  echo "-----------------------------------------------"
  read -p "Create Project? (Y/n): " createProject
  [ "$(isYes $createProject)" = "$TRUE" ] && break


mkdir -p ${directoryName}/src/{main,test}/{java,resources,scala}
mkdir ${directoryName}/lib ${directoryName}/project ${directoryName}/target

# optional
#mkdir -p ${directoryName}/src/main/config
#mkdir -p ${directoryName}/src/{main,test}/{filters,assembly}
#mkdir -p ${directoryName}/src/site

# create an initial build.sbt file
echo "name := \"$directoryName\"

version := \"1.0\"

scalaVersion := \"2.12.8\"

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
    \"org.scalatest\" %% \"scalatest\" % \"3.0.5\" % \"test\"

// see for scalacOptions descriptions
scalacOptions ++= Seq(
    \"-deprecation\",     //emit warning and location for usages of deprecated APIs
    \"-unchecked\",       //enable additional warnings where generated code depends on assumptions
    \"-explaintypes\",    //explain type errors in more detail
    \"-Ywarn-dead-code\", //warn when dead code is identified
    \"-Xfatal-warnings\"  //fail the compilation if there are any warnings

" > ${directoryName}/build.sbt

# create .gitignore, if desired
if [ "$(isYes $createGitignore)" = "$TRUE" ]; then
echo "bin/
.idea" > ${directoryName}/.gitignore

# create, if desired
if [ "$(isYes $createReadme)" = "$TRUE" ]; then
touch ${directoryName}/

echo ""
echo "Project created. See the following URL for build.sbt examples:"
echo ""

Installing and using

I put this code in a file named sbtmkdirs, made it executable, put it in my ~/bin directory, and now use it to create new SBT project directories. As you can see from the source, just run the script and it will prompt you with a few questions.

Here's what a quick example run looks like:

/Users/Al/Projects> sbtmkdirs 
This script creates an SBT project directory beneath the current directory.

Directory/Project Name (MyFirstProject): MyProject
Create .gitignore File? (Y/n): [enter]
Create File? (Y/n): [enter]

Directory/Project Name: MyProject
Create .gitignore File?: y
Create File?: y
Create Project? (Y/n): [enter]

Project created. See the following URL for build.sbt examples:

As you can tell from the script, it creates a directory structure that looks like this:

|--- build.sbt
|--- lib
|--- project
|--- src
│   |--- main
│   │   |--- java
│   │   |--- resources
│   │   +-- scala
│   +-- test
│       |--- java
│       |--- resources
│       +-- scala
+-- target

Get it as a Gist

I just put this code on Github. You can find it as a Gist here:

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